We are building the first public utility for the planet. A network and open space for the planet’s citizens to learn, share, collaborate and solve the major societal issues facing all of us. Earth 2.0 will connect experts and citizens, NGOs, governments and industry - all contributing to the global good.

Earth 2.0 is a vision of the planet made better by everyone working together to improve it. Using the power of technology and crowdsourcing to empower 7.5 billion people, we aim to take control of our future and the planet’s.

There are a multitude of efforts currently underway, both big and small from citizens and experts alike, that are attempting to address the serious issues our planet is facing. Earth 2.0 will be the go-to resource that enables all of these various efforts to build better tools, work together, and reach a world-wide audience looking to make a positive impact on the planet. In short, we will harness the global power of Us to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Solving the world’s problems is a big task that can’t be accomplished alone. Luckily, everyone who cares is capable of contributing to solutions. Earth 2.0 is an all-inclusive initiative that won’t choose between experts and citizens, between top down and grassroots approaches. We recognize that our best opportunity to address problems with great complexity and scope is to investigate all approaches – institutional and citizen-centric efforts alike. Therefore, we choose both.

Through the Earth 2.0 interface, everyday citizens, NGOs, academic institutions, private industry, and state agencies will be provided the tools, information, and motivation to act and have an impact. We focus on the following core areas in our Earth 2.0 development goals::


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