UCSD COVID-19 Small Business Outreach Project

UCSD COVID-19 Proyecto de Extensión Para Negocios

The UCSD COVID-19 Small Business Outreach Project is a group of UCSD-affiliated students, staff, and volunteers who are helping small businesses interpret the new recommendations and requirements to open safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Business COVID-19 Safety Toolkit for Workers

The business safety toolkits have valuable information that your business can use to maximize safety at the workplace. The toolkits include basic information on how to keep your business safe from COVID-19, workers rights regarding paid sick leave and COVID-19, and tax credits that business can apply for related to the Families First CoronaVirus Relief Act (FFCRA). There are two versions of the toolkit: one for workers and one for business owners/employers.

The Small Business COVID-19 Safety Toolkits contain:

  • Information about COVID-19
  • Why you should care about workplace safety
  • Tips for how to keep your workplace safe
  • CDC, state, and county guidelines, with sample checklists to review your business’s compliance
  • Sample documents, fliers and other signage
  • Links to additional resources

Sign-up for a free consultation:

We offer a free consultation service where a trained member of our team can go over the business safety toolkit with you, your workers, or both.

Our team members are available to talk with you about the guidelines and requirements for operating your business during COVID-19. We understand that different businesses have different needs, and different questions.

We offer consultations in-person, by phone or by video conference. We will discuss the resources in the Small Business COVID-19 Safety Toolkit and make sure you are aware of other COVID-19 related resources available for small businesses.


Businesses around the country are facing immense financial hardship and unprecedented disruptions. As stay-at-home orders lift and non-essential businesses reopen, they must maintain a safe place of business for staff, customers, and the general public. Keeping businesses safe will help keep businesses open and the San Diego community healthy.

Multiple national, state, and local agencies have published guidelines and recommendations for safe re-opening. The large amounts of information available, combined with updates, can be overwhelming. We have developed this website as a tool that your business can use to find important resources regarding COVID-19 in a condensed and accessible format. We encourage you to share this website with your workers and others who might benefit from the information on this page.

About the Project

Our team is a composite of diverse individuals working together to improve the health of our San Diego community.

Meet Our Team

Additional Resources

CDC: Businesses and Workplaces


2-1-1 San Diego: A free 24 hour confidential phone service


Email San Diego County with your business questions


Volunteer With the UCSD COVID-19 Small Business Outreach Project

We are always looking for volunteers to amplify our outreach into the community. Our organization is built on and fueled by our volunteers. If you would like to help our efforts and get involved in the COVID-19 response, we would be glad to have you on our team.

Volunteer With Us


The toolkits and other content on this site are taken directly or adapted from the CDC, San Diego Public Health Services, and other reputable health information organizations. Please note, team members cannot answer questions about your or your workers health. The information provided in the toolkits does not replace medical advice. If you or a worker has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or has been tested for COVID-19, please contact a healthcare provider or call 2-1-1.

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