Resources for Business Owners / Employers

The following resources provide important rules and guidelines to help you implement on-site COVID-19 related safety measures in your business. Below, you will also find resources related to tax credits and other financial benefits that your business may qualify for during these times. The materials collected below provide recommendations and resources related to improving COVID-19 safety and financial assistance for your business.

Safety Toolkit for Business Owners/Employers

This tool kit provides employers and business owners with information and resources to help them safely run their business during COVID-19. It includes material on protocols and requirements for workplace COVID-19 safety as well as financial resources for which businesses may qualify.

Small Business COVID-19 Safety Toolkit

Maximizing Business Safety

Below are resources that you can use to help guide your businesses’ safety measures during COVID-19:

Financial Relief and Benefits

To help alleviate the financial hardships that many small businesses are currently experiencing, the government has funded programs and resources to financially assist businesses.

Resources for Managing Workers

This section has important information regarding your businesses’ workers.


The toolkits and other content on this site are taken directly or adapted from the CDC, San Diego Public Health Services, and other reputable health information organizations. Please note, team members cannot answer questions about your or your workers health. The information provided in the toolkits does not replace medical advice. If you or a worker has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or has been tested for COVID-19, please contact a healthcare provider or call 2-1-1.

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