The Business Safety Outreach Project is a group of UCSD-affiliated students, staff, and volunteers who are helping small businesses interpret the new recommendations and requirements to open safely during the coronavirus pandemic.


Businesses around the country are facing immense financial hardship and unprecedented disruptions. As stay-at-home orders lift and non-essential businesses reopen, they must maintain a safe place of business for staff, customers, and the general public. Keeping businesses safe will help keep businesses open and the San Diego community healthy.

Multiple national, state, and local agencies have published guidelines and recommendations for safe re-opening. The large amounts of information available, combined with updates, can be overwhelming for many small businesses. Recognizing this struggle that many businesses face, the UCSD COVID-19 Small Business Outreach Project was created to help small businesses navigate COVID-19 safety in the workplace. We have developed a condensed “toolkit” with vital COVID-19 related safety information for small businesses, and continuously conduct outreach visits via phone and in-person visits to assist small businesses in our San Diego community. 

As an organization, we aim to equip business owners and their employees with the tools and information needed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout the workplace and our communities. 

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteers at the UCSD COVID-19 Business Outreach Project are diligently working to provide small businesses and their employees with information and guidelines to protect themselves from COVID-19 in the workplace. We are constantly searching for new volunteers as we expand our much needed outreach efforts in the community. 

Volunteering Opportunities Include:

– Conducting in-person outreach visits to local businesses

– Outreach visits over the phone (remote volunteer opportunity)

– Researching and development of information for businesses during the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation

– Other volunteering positions

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