About Us

Our team is a group of UCSD-affiliated students, staff, and volunteers who are passionate about improving our community and finding solutions to help businesses and employees stay safe from COVID-19 in the workplace.

Meet the Team:

Kim Adam

Loai Alfreed

Reema Alrasheed

Sara Baird

Tiffany Chin

Martha Diaz

Danicca Kettle

Sandhya Muthuramalingam

Anita Nguyen

Devaki Patel

Diana Renteria

Diego Renteria

Anika Shetty

Marissa Venn

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Our team is a composite of diverse individuals working together to improve the health of our San Diego community. Learn more about the volunteering opportunities available with the UCSD COVID-19 Small Business Outreach Project.

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Businesses around the country are facing immense financial hardship and unprecedented disruptions. As stay-at-home orders lift and non-essential businesses reopen, they must maintain a safe place of business for staff, customers, and the general public. Keeping businesses safe will help keep businesses open and the San Diego community healthy.

Multiple national, state, and local agencies have published guidelines and recommendations for safe re-opening. The large amounts of information available, combined with updates, can be overwhelming. We have developed this website as a tool that your business can use to find important resources regarding COVID-19 in a condensed and accessible format. We encourage you to share this website with your employees and others who might benefit from the information on this page.

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